Donigan Technology, LLC provides IT (Information Technology) services at the request of the customer.

The recommendations for equipment, programs, and services provided by Donigan Technology, LLC are estimates based on data that you have furnished Donigan Technology, LLC and on our professional observations. While we believe our estimates to be sound, the degree of success with which equipment, programs, and services may be applied to information processing is dependent upon many factors, many of which are not under the control of Donigan Technology, LLC. Therefore, our estimates as to the results to be obtained must not be regarded as expressed or implied warranties.

Successful use of, operation and management of products and services sold by Donigan Technology, LLC is the responsibility of the user. Examples of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to: confirming the validity of the proposed equipment and programs, developing appropriate system procedure(s); incorporating protective measures to safeguard the data from unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure; incorporating in the application design sufficient checkpoints, balances and requirements; establishing adequate backup contingency plans; preparing adequate documentation; maintaining a sercure network environment; providing qualified personnel to obtain the desired results. The responsibilities of Donigan Technology, LLC are set forth in the various agreements executed, or to be executed by both parties. In no event shall Donigan Technology, LLC be liable for consequential damages.